Beaches & Islands

What’s Hot:

  • Anse Lazio, Seychelles
  • Song Saa, Cambodia
  • Ilha Grande, Brazil
  • Lord Howe Island, Aus

The perfect destination in terms of beaches is very difficult to pin down. For some the perfect beaches are it’s barefoot luxury and simplicity with crashing waves and few mod cons. For others it is toys and watersports and uber-luxury beaches. Some like to see and be seen on the beaches whilst others like total privacy.

Here at Black Pearl, we travel extensively and never take a destination’s boasts and hyperbole on face value when comes to the perfect beaches. Only by staying in a place and by talking to clients on their return can we keep up to date with what works, for whom and why, and can plan the next luxury tailor-made holidays to the most amazing beaches based on our discoveries. Particularly a small hotel can change very quickly and it is our job to keep on top of it. One development, be it a big new hotel complex or the re-routing of cruise ships, can change beaches or even entire islands.

As always with our luxury tailor-made holidays, we need to listen to every client and come up with the particular solution for them … and, although this is more apparent in a complicated multi-destination itinerary, up to the minute knowledge of a the very best beaches and islands around the world are very important in getting it absolutely right.

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