Short Breaks

What’s Hot:

  • Northern Lights
  • Italian Riviera
  • Fly In Safari
  • The Spice Trail

Short on time? Then a short break might be the way to go.

A short holiday needs to be planned with that little bit more precision and with people on the ground who make the most out of every single moment of your valuable time. Whether you choose a city break or perhaps skiing in Europe or something from one of the medium haul destinations such as Morocco, Dubai or even Oman, which are not too far and yet still very exotic.

Further afield, however, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and even Namibia or Mozambique are possibilities and all within similar time zones. With good direct flights, even the Indian Ocean, for the Maldives, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Sri Lanka come into play.

At Black Pearl Travel we generally try to encourage a slightly more leisurely and considered approach than a week or less to our more adventurous destinations but if that is all the time you have these are a handful of some of the ways of doing a number of destinations in a way that is truly worthwhile and memorable and that doesn’t seem like a short break.

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