Temples & Culture

What’s Hot:

  • Namib Desert with Bushmen
  • Cycle Indochina & Vietnam
  • Village Homestay’s in Africa
  • Ancient History of China

Here at Black Pearl Travel our individualisation and specialist knowledge mean that we can design luxury tailor-made holidays that specialise in areas such as visiting temples and experiencing local culture. For these types of experience we look for a more humble mode of transport and wherever possible look at journeys on foot, on bicycle, on horseback or perhaps by boat (as well as by vehicle or light aircraft for longer distances) which help you to experience the culture and to ultimately penetrate a destination you are in.

Our approach allows our clients to witness the real culture of the area and interact with people and their way of life in a very personal and humble way. We use only the best local guides as well as locally owned accommodation wherever possible to ensure we are giving something back to the community, but we also know when that extra bit of comfort or luxury is available or required.

Most importantly, at Black Pearl Travel our personal experience means that we can manage every client’s expectations and indeed go to the extra mile to exceed these expectations. Perhaps a night in the Namib desert with the local Bushmen, a morning prayer in a remote monastery in the Himalayas, private access to a Temples and Tombs or a trek to inaccessible villages in Peru… all deliver an experience which is far from the mere selection of a flight and a hotel type of holiday.

Our holidays are in general fully tailor-made and are all very far from the mainstream idea of a holiday, but without necessarily compromising on comfort. That is what Black Pearl Travel is about.

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