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Whilst the comfort of the accommodation, perhaps a lodge, camp or hotel is always important on a luxury safari, it is sometimes the the staff and the guide’s that make the difference to a luxury wildlife experience. This is where Black Pearl Travel’s tailor-made luxury safari’s come in.

In most safari or wildlife destinations, whether across Africa, South America or perhaps Asia – the fauna and flora change dramatically from season to season and as such we need to know what each client is looking to get out of their luxury safari, in order for us here at Black Pearl Travel to deliver the best experience and the chance of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, to the best effect. This is where our independence is so important – we can and do, choose the place to stay that is right for every client, with a knowledge and objectivity that many simply cannot do.

We, at Black Pearl Travel work very closely with our safari and wildlife partners and if we don’t like what we see at a particular safari location or if the guides, the management, or the wildlife situation changes, we can, and do switch our allegiance instantly to ensure we are bringing to you, the most amazing experience.

The one thing that is predictable about the bush and wildlife in general is its unpredictability.

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