Oman, an alternative to Dubai?

Oman is by far one country that impresses & surprises many people. It is one of the most beautiful but underestimated countries of the United Arab Emirates, resembling the fairy-tale of 101 Arabian Nights as told when a child.         Travelling to Oman gives you an all in one adventure: stunning mountains with breathtaking views, marvellous beaches of fine sand and a unique desert experiences, with plenty of cultural heritage & ancient monuments.

With Oman’s geography of deserts, mountains, beaches, wadis & gorges, there is something to do for everyone’s tastes.      For winter sun or a relaxing beach break, Oman will not disappoint. With a coastline of almost 2000 miles, it makes an ideal destination for those seeking sun, sea and sand.

Muscat, the Capital, offers all that is required of a holiday, beaches, restaurants & plenty of shopping facilities! Head out of the city to discover the turtle reserve, many pure sandy beaches and beautiful rocky islands inhabited by indigenous birds.Feeling sporty? Water-based activities including Kite-surfing, Sailing & Parasailing are located nearby or you may want to participate in snorkeling or diving. Oman has an exceptionally diverse marine life to enjoy, from marine cliffs, small island, bays & caves, to stunning coral reefs. Go on an organised sightseeing cruise to watch the dolphin frolic within the Indian Ocean and spot turtles on their annual migratation to the shore’s of Oman from the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea & Somalia to lay their eggs. 5 different species including the Hawksbill are a common sight.

Oman has never been so accessible as it is today, with 2 daily direct flights from Heathrow with Oman Air along with a daily flight from Manchester as of April 2017.  Also, it is very easy to connect via the other major UAE airport hubs. making Oman a very desirable location to visit, at a comparable price to Dubai and Qatar.