Scandinavia – The Land of Ice & Snow

Lapland has traditionally been associated with a certain festive fella in red & representing a certain type of winter holiday or short break for families with children, rather than the individual countries it encompasses. Lapland is a vast region, stretching across arctic Norway, Sweden, Finland and a little Eastern Russia.

High on many peoples wish list is to see the Northern Lights. Sightings of the ‘lights’ are best seen from September to early April though if customer’s wish to participate in Sledding or Snowmobile safaris, they should note that the Arctic is not always covered with snow! So if this is important, come after January to avoid disappointment.

If you fancy the different concepts, you can find the Icehotel in Sweden. It was the first to be built & has all year round cold accommodation allowing it to offer a wintry experience without the need for winter itself. Kirkenes Snowhotel and Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel (both in Norway) offer a similar experience on a much smaller, intimate scale with no need to stay overnight if you prefer to sleep in a nice, warm cosey hotel. Day trips allow you to view the architecture, eat good food & drink fine wine then travel home.

Lodges, log cabins, boutique hotels, tree hotels & glass igloos and various forms of arctic glamping are alternate forms of holidaying and all provide high standards even in remote areas.

Prices vary greatly, dependent on how long you wish to stay & what you wish to include whilst there.

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